Food Intolerances

What difference is there  between allergies and  intolerances?
Food Intolerance is not exactly an allergy, but can keep standing a true allergy( to pollens , mites, ecc.): so analysis as the Prick, Rast, ecc., they are no adapted to discover this kind of hypersensitivity.  The allergies undertake directly the immunity system generating increases  of the immunoglobulin ( IgE, IgA, ecc…). Food Intolerance is instead disturb ’s  fields, codified  in  form of resonances of frequencies , that makes slowly the general metabolic system. In our system this special intolerances is called Biointolerance.  

Why are our called Biointolerance?
The official medicine recognizes the term of Food Intolerance as those genetic metabolic defects  like the favism , celiac disease , the intolerance to lactose for deficiency of lactase, ecc… while the systems more modern  due to the introduction of the german  bioelectronics it does not catalogue them  yet. Daphne Lab, to distinguish own tests of  Food Intolerance from other typologies of intolerances already codified to the official medicine,  coined the Biointolerance term.

How  does Daphne Bio Test  work?
The hair is immersed in a stratified  metasubstance and through a new metasubstance system, that amplifies the ground signal of the biological tissue of the hair, it is possible recover and inform the Daphne machine system of all fields of disturbance until in particulars .The computer  send a train of signals of  elements and foods to test, there is a interchange between signals and  parametric confronts  between the several bio frequencies. A series of calculations coordinated by an  mathematical iron model, smoothing data and make them legibly in graphics , percentages , tables, matrixes, and prevision carriers. Thanks always to the innovative mathematical models continually revisiting, our tests result always date up, more aware, and always more precise ,version after version. How do I know my BioMetaTest version’s ?  The “ver xxxx” version is indicated on the bottom of the page of the test or at the end, to know if your test is dated up to the last version contact us.

What the metasubstance is?
It is a substance made homeopathic highly energised with a thermodynamic system  that consents to increase the internal clusters  of liquid structures. The Metasubstance is the base of Daphne system that consents to increase the signal of resonance of biological tissue. In our method we use the hair/hairs because they offer the possibility to be sent far without logistic problems and is no degradable.

Is it possible metasubstantiate everything?
In theory yes, also a drug can be energised. Our searches are bringing to energise natural and homeopathic  drugs , also if in theory they can energise  with this system also integrators, vitamins ,minerals , and many other  chemical drugs of synthesis. At the beginning of the first  Daphne searches , the metasubstance was born to amplify  homeopathic drugs, then the search was too expansive and the first project was leaven. Only after the Alessandria‘s conference on the 2000, it made up a  new group of search with the idea to exploit the old project of the metasubstances to Bio electronic  use.  

Can the metasubstance be used to the therapy?  
Yes, sure. It is possible!

Does a service card exist?
Sure, it is one of the most advanced business service card of the Occidental world. Downloadable from internet, directly from our site. http://www.daphnelab.com

Which is the difference between EAV, Vega; and the Daphne BioMetaTest?
There are many systems to relieve  food intolerance, many are based on weak and psychological  signals as the Vega and EAV or with unconscious systems like the kinesiology. Our is a stable system with a big mathematical model behind. The only one system of  metasubstances and a revolutionary program of the encodings of signal allows   our laboratories to relieve  very weak signals that  would escape to other investigation systems.

Does a difference exist between the test done on blood or that one done on the hair?
A blood test is an allergologic type , it verifies  the answer of the immunity system, while our test is based on bio frequencies, it verifies the bio intolerances or other fields  of enzymatic, chemical and organics disturbs. Our hair, differently from  blood, conserves the history of our feeding and not only the picture of the moment.

Why are there not some foods?
Our tests are continually  dated up, and many foods are suggested by our customers themselves.  But some of them are just of derivations like  the salame is the fat side of the swine  and this last food is already present.

Why in the diet does it suggest me  an egg when I am intolerant?
The hen’s egg is devised in white and in yolk, if you result both intolerant maybe  you are not intolerant to the  ostrich or quail one. The computed diet  unfortunately does not take in account of the preferences or of the tests of the customers.

Why can we be intolerant to the nut and no to the nutella that contains it in?
It is a synergy’s  question. It is possible that you are  intolerant to the yeast but not  to the bred that contains it. Or  to the sugar but not to some biscuits that contain it. The question is by bio frequencies, a bio frequency can attenuate itself  if in  synergy with other elements , so an intolerant  frequency cannot be like it  if in presence of others in synergy. Anyway  we still recommend - if not every15 days- to eat nutella also if it is not intolerant.

Why do some elements go over the percentage of referent but they are not reported as intolerance?
Because in our BioMeta Test the mathematical model of reference is not so “obtuse”, the data are calibrated  according to the person, that would be tall and  old or short and young, woman or man, with problems of circulation or  obesity. Many personal data of the costumers change the result of the test, this ensures that the BioMeta Test is personalized at 100% on the subject. At difference of  blood’s analysis   that have a fixed range for everyone, for example the  glycemia is  fixed for everyone at 110 ,  after which the person has to be considered hyperglycaemic , in our test it is possible to go over some ranges  although  not being hyper or hypo  because some  persons are not influenced by these alterations while others yes.

Why in some test is not there reported the reference?
In some cases we have omitted the minimum reference because not being a  quantitative test like the analyses ’s  one  , not always being above or below a certain value it means being in defect or in access. The defect or the access has to be valuated case for case and this will be the mathematical model and the experience  of our  medical equip to valuate if the subject overcame or not certain thresholds and if this excess is really dangerous or just to hold under observation.

How can I get in contact with somebody of Daphne Lab?
Calling ,writing a letter,  an e-mail or by Daphne points present on  the national  and European territory.

In my area there are not Daphne points, how can I do the test?  
Contacting directly the Daphne Lab.

Is it possible a discount for a group of people?
It is possible but for commercial agreements it must  send an e-mail or call the operative offices of the Daphne Lab’s logistic  locations or apply to own Daphne Points on  the National and European territory.  

Why is there no price set?  
Because it is different from Daphne Point, in the  conditions of  free market we cannot fix just one price. Anyway the price will be  a little different  between Daphne Points. On the internet section of our site in Daphne Point there are all the references of the case.

Do family discounts exist?  
In some Daphne Points and in some periods it is possible to do family discount, you can have information at the nearest Daphne Point.  

Are there promotions in this period?
You can have information at the nearest Daphne point.

How can I do to pay?
Directly to the Daphne Point cash, or if you turned directly to Daphne Lab with a simple bulletin of bank account  or bank transfer whose coordinates must be directly requested to the Daphne Lab o consulting our site.

How do you interpret the radar graphic of the tests?
The radar graphic gives information on the general gradient of intolerance for the group of reference, represents a useful data for the programmed rehabilitation of the foods. When the  graphic is very jagged the rehabilitation will be more long, if the crest of the graphic is harmonic  the group to which the graphic  refers , will be first  reintroduced in the diet after the weaning.

How can you interpret the test?
The test is interpreted by experts of Daphne Lab  to program together to  the food plan and to  value the most  correct modalities  and those that best adapt themselves also  to the individual problems.

I am not able to find the products that you suggest me in the therapeutic  program, how can I do?  
The products can be quietly  replaced, with the help of our expert respecting  the dosing modalities and the suggested composition.

Why need the test  repeat?
The Bio intolerance is not stable in time, it change above all if we abstain for 60 days or if we follow  a depuration program. According to statistic studies, it is important to repeat the test, the persons that repeated the test after 60 days,  then after  90 and finally after 120 days are those ones that found wellness and health.  

What are all those values and letters in thema 400 / thema 01?
They represent the proteins, the sugars, the fats, the cholesterol, the fibres , kilocalories, expressed in grams, foods glycemic index, and the percentage of intolerance. They all are reported on the side of the first page.

Why does  the new Test of Daphne Lab report some percentage values of negative intolerance?
They represent the foods less intolerant and that functionally are even therapeutic for the organism.

Why  are some foods marked  by an asterisk and by a hash mark?
The foods marked by the * are those ones too acidifying that alter the biological ground and stop our organism. Those ones  instead marked by # go against the acidity of tissues that best regular the metabolism. We prefer to eat the foods with #.

I had the allergic test for foods and I  resulted allergic to tomatoes and citrus while from the Daphne test this is not like that. Why?
The Daphne BioMeta Test  is a test of bio energetic nature and measures the percentage index of the bio intolerance not the allergies. Different Tests can give different  results.  It is like doing a radiography to the knee, o TACs and a resonance, in the same point, they will mark some things in common while others  evidences that result from the TACs  wouldn’t be in the radiography and conversely. Each test represents one point of view:  they will be  three typologies of tests to mark  if the subject is intolerant, allergic and/or deficient in digestive enzymes.  

Why  is a 4 years old child  intolerant to all types of milk but not goat’s milk, but unfortunately giving goat milk he has had the terrible discharges of diarrhea?
I am really  very scared
If the goat ’s milk, that is one of the best in absolute , makes this effect, they must understand that the diarrhea is a therapeutic and psychological phenomenon. We are all accustomed to every phenomenon out of  norm of our body is to consider pathology , instead it is not like that, the diarrhea is a  for of discharge  of outburst that the body has got to give away   intestinal toxins  or parasites or an intestinal dysbiosis condition as then confirmed  to me the parents that  asked the question  to me. Even the colon is attached  to the skin and the children in question has dermatological problems,  so he has a series of internal toxins due to a previous bad feeding or to an abuse of drugs. A phenomenon becomes pathological only if it goes over a threshold of 5 days or more.    

After several months how can I  re-enter in my normal feeding through the weaving program?
For the re-entry of the intolerant foods after,  at least, 60 or 90  days of abstain , we  go on in this way:  we can introduce the food that, between intolerant ones, results  the less intolerant in absolute. So you will  gradually introduce , once a week, a less intolerant food , between those intolerant, for each group.  You always keep a diary of the eventual symptoms   that the  foods can trigger , so to observe every phenomenon of programmed introduction of foods during the weeks  

Daphne Lab Staff