Our philosophy

Food Intolerances

All our philosophy is based on the discovery of a new method to amplify the signals of the bio test with a substances‘s  class called “ homeopathic metasubstance”.  

This bring us in the heart  of our customer’s problem, if a costumer feels the need to undergo  himself a test the thing should not die only to the cold analysis of the test but to continue towards  a psychological interpretation of the test, to a deep reading of inside disturbance, of anxieties, of   vitamin, functional ecc.. deficiencies, of the intimate organism in holistic sense.      

All this means analyzing the human being with a new philosophy of the Being that we called “Biology from the depth”, because allows to see  a problem  from more angulations and a need to more levels of depth.

Our philosophy is based on the depth of the soul, immense as a Universe, large  as an horizon, every doctor should understand that behind a patient it always hides  a human being that asks help in many ways and a lot of  languages .      

Comprehending, understanding, penetrating  the human soul: this is the true  medical science forgotten in the centuries.