How to do the test

Very easy!

Food IntolerancesYou consult the list  of Daphne Point and discover  the Daphne point nearest to you!
If in your area  there are not Daphne Points, just cut a small tuft of hair, put it in a sachet and attach it to the  form 62 that you can download it  by internet .    

Our prices are between the lowest of Europe, holding Quality and Efficiency of the result. You will be followed by our Equip, you will receive a Test, a Food Control, and  an accurate Protocol…

You just send us a  lock of hair and fill out the form 62.

Detailed procedure on how to request the Daphne BioMetaTest

You have to make only 4 simple actions:

Food IntolerancesA:  you cut a small tuft of hair ( about 1 cm of thickness and with a length starting by 1 cm), well washed with simple water without aggressive shampoo or treated with lacquers spumes gel or others.  You put it in a paper or plastic  sachet.
B: you fill out the  form 62  in all its parts
C:  you make the payment with bank transfer
D: you send the  form62 with the sachet that contains the hair and the payment’s receipt to:  
DAPHNE LAB c/o Eldavia
Via Milano, 2
81030 Lusciano CE

To request our  Bio Tests you  can turn  also to our Daphne Points!  

Our technical Staff will provide to catalogue  your request, to analyze the hair in meta substantiated solution with DAPHNE BIOTEST technique, it will be filled out a personalized treatment of the Thema chosen from you.    

For  more information contact us!