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Food Intolerances

Daphne lab is a company present  in the national territory since 15 years, it operates especially in the sector of the Bio Tests of third generation, with repeatability of the 94% and it uses a Quality System conforms ISO9001 Recently  it also  looks out  to foreign markets like Croatia, Spain, Israel, Canada.        

The laboratory uses a licensed system with Palladium Technologies and makes more then 35  Bio Tests  no invasive  in No Conventional Medicines‘s ambit .    

The used technology was proven by a reliable study on 2500 repetitions of examples, lasted one year of work .The repeatability  of the Bio Test’s result  is resulted being faithful of 94%. An incredibly  high result in the ambit of Food Intolerance Tests, mineralogram and intestinal dysbiosis! A  result never achieved,  until today, from any laboratory that operates in this branch’s ambit!      

In only six years of activity DAPHNE LAB made about 60.000 Bio Tests  and boasts of a wallet of about 1500 Daphne Points on all the national territory.  

A success that had a big following of customers, Entities and operators of the sector that turned to  Daphne Lab also as farm contractors for the creation of similar tests  for the development of commercial networks.    

Our company operates also in updating courses‘s sector for naturopaths, doctors, pharmacists, biologists, with a series of conferences in several matters related to the Natural Medicine’s field, as the Nutri proteins, system created by the  Daphne Lab itself,  Wassage course, Water Massage; courses of interpretation of food intolerance, of  mineralogram, of intestinal Dysbiosis test, and many others courses to understand the metabolic and functional Bio Tests.      

It also organizes with success  professional editions of courses recognized by the European Community for the access to the professions, as: wellness masseur, phytotherapy  and herbalist’s shop and other similar courses for the attainment of titles recognized by member states.    

Publishing house, published works as the doc. Luigi Di Vaia text “ Intoleranze Alimentari, io mangio quindi sono, I cinque segreti dello Zen” (translated is:  Foods  Intolerances, I eat so I am, five secrets of the Zen), a sold success in 5000 copies in all Italy.

The  DAPHNE LAB developed a series of patents and  phytotherapic and homeopathic  formulas projected for several diseases ranges. With great  attention to the respect of the environment in the canons of the BioEcoEthic,  it founded  EcoElia  to manage the processes that lead  to a  aware growth of our  environmental and inner energies  also for the future generations.    

DAPHNE LAB is also one of the few companies that with passion dedicates itself  to the culture: cofounder of  archaeology ’s Museum and contemporary art, the Daphne Museum, it was  able to organize in few years of  free cultural activity, a series of exhibitions, events, cultural and  artistic  manifestations that had a big following, as Grande Napoli Arte to the Maschio Angioino of Naples , exhibitions to Palazzo Gravina, to  the Art Museum of Rome, to Loewen palace of Berlin, and in many places it was able to bring the spirit of the archaeology  and the contemporary art  to a large audience.          

DAPHNE LAB tries to synthesize the culture, the archaeological  roods of our past, the care for the environment  and the respect of a global Ethic with the Psychophysical Wellness of every human being, because it believes in a Dream that still hopes to realize : the synthesis of a Big Unity that starts from the Ancient and travels to the Harmony of new technologies, the Man in this Synthesis is the Way, not  the mind.      

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